All of our drinks are made from the finest ethically sourced ingredients. Our entire range where possible is Fairtrade certified and much of it is organic. Our Coffees, Teas and Hot-Chocolates are comparable to and often surpass the quality of those from the finest High Street Cafes.

We provide a selection of Fairtrade certified snacks as well as an assortment soft drinks.  Our water is One Water. The One-Foundation works with communities in Africa providing PlayPump® water systems providing clean drinking water for entire communities. Read more about the one foundation here

Our coffee blend is of the highest quality and is freshly roasted locally. The coffee beans are ground on board immediately prior to preparing your coffee in our Italian designed lever pull espresso machines. This allows for optimal extraction resulting in a smooth rich flavoursome espresso. A double espresso shot is used as the base for all our coffees. 

Coffee Ground is a small family run business providing a courteous and friendly service. We strive for excellence in our approach to outdoor catering, ensuring that our presence at your event will positively enhance the experience of your patrons.

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