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  • Our coffee beans are of the highest quality selected from bean growers in third world countries and blended by the experts at Café Ecosse. Café Ecosse is a local company situated in Newburgh in Fife and the beans are freshly  roasted in Dundee.  This ensures that Coffee Ground have a supply of the freshest beans available, a key component to bringing you a truly excellent cup of coffee. 

  • The coffee beans are ground on board immediately prior to preparing your coffee in our Italian designed lever pull espresso machines. This allows for optimal extraction resulting in a smooth rich flavorsome espresso. A double espresso shot is used as the base for all our coffees.


®   We are proud to offer a wide selection of FAIRTRADE certified products , look fo this mark *

  • Espresso* Rich, dark, strong and creamy smooth. The essence of coffee.
  • Cappuccino* Rich espresso with foamed hot milk, luxuriously dusted with chocolate. 
  • Black Coffee (Americano)* A double shot of rich espresso topped up with hot water.
  • Latte* A double espresso shot, layered with steamed textured milk.
  • Mocha* A double shot of rich espresso with chocolate and foamed milk. Delicious indulgence.
  • Hot Chocolate* Delicious blend of luxurious hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows. People tells us it's the best hot chocolate they have ever had!
  • Tea, traditional and herbal*
  • Fruit Juices*
  • A selection of FAIRTRADE snacks many of which are organic*.
  • Muffins and Crisps.
  • One Water, and a small selection of fizzy drinks.

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